Music is an universal language which can tell more than words.
Music erases contradictions, transcends differences and crosses boundaries.
This was for Lucette van den Berg and Kamal Hors the starting point to combine and intertwine Arabic- and Jewish music from all over the world.

The project Karavanserai – named after the save walled inns available for travellers in the Balkan, middle-east and North Africa –
is a remarkable cooperation between Jewish and Arab musicians.
Karavanserai is a metaphor  for the journey that musicians make together, within the save walls of a beautiful world of harmony.

The project brings Jewish, Arab and European music and musicians together.
Lucette van den Berg, Kamal Hors, Anass Habib, Modar Salameh and Gregor Schaefer
are playing and improvising together each from his or her musical background, identity and power.
They all have the same goals: without losing the diversity in personality and background a new harmonic universe is created together.
The musicians confront each other with their  history and DNA so a new shared form can be created.
Old and new compositions and experimental music arrangements.
By sharing and combining a new forms of music appears with a new and fresh world of sounds.
The combination of the voices of Anass and Lucette is a beautiful and striking example of this.

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