Vibrating oriental warmth, melancholic melodies, upbeat rhythms and clear harmonies. Two voices that compete with each other and embrace each other… exciting.
Karwansera is a musical meeting place where Arabic and Jewish top musicians go on a shared musical journey. In search of their own identity and their shared roots.
A musical journey where Arabic classical music is combined with classical western music,  jazz, klezmer, Yiddish, Andalusian, Ladino en Hebrew.
Kamal Hors – Ud
Lucette van den Berg – vocals, piano
Anass Habib – vocals
Modar Salameh – percussion
Gregor Schaefer – Contra Bass

• what is the press saying?
“…An exciting go together, with the character of a ‘work in progress’  from different cultures view in various angles” – Jacob Haagsma, Leeuwarder Courant

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Karavanserai (Karwansera)

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Karavanserai (Karwansera)

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Karavanserai (Karwansera)


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